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Volume 1, Issue 3

Page 3

GFSC Junior Board

The Gardens Figure Skating Club recently formed a Junior Board. The current officers are:
President: Kira Woods
Vice President: Megan Raver
Treasurer: Jacob Brody
Secretary: Sadie Esmaell-Crozier
Historian: Danielle Cunningham
At Large: Rachel Jones
The Junior Board's first events included hosting a lunch with the characters from the April GFSC produc

tion of Lion King on Ice, and coordinating the runners for the 2005 May Day competition. The Junior Board also provided the competitor gifts for the South Atlantic send-off hosted by the Club.
The Junior Board will be helping with the Club's holiday party in December and also hopes to expand on the Toys for Tots campaign that was started last year. With the money raised through their fundraising efforts, they would like to provide a skating event for a needy organization.

The Junior Board meets monthly, immediately before the regular GFSC Board meets, and welcomes at large members who are at least 11 years old. Other regular Junior Board members are between the ages of 13-18 and are part of the GFSC.
If you would like more information about the Junior Board or their activities, feel free to contact any of the members, or look for updates on the GFSC web site or rink bulletin board.

GFSC Board of Directors

Here is an updated list of  GFSC Board Members for the 2005--2006 season:
President:  Ted Kelton
Vice-President:  Sharon Raver
Secretary:  Sue Elseth
Treasurer:  Cathy Lee
Membership/Test Chair: April North

Pro-Liaison: Marny Woods
At Large: Jody Brody
  Donna Burrows
  Carol Daugherty
  Ilene Jones
  Abby Sandler
  Danielle Steele

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