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Volume 1, Issue 3

November 2005

2006 May Day Open --A Future Champion Series Competition!

The Gardens FSC is pleased to announce that the 2006 May Day Open has been selected by US Figure Skating to be part of the Future Champion Series (FCS).
The goal of the FCS is to give skaters another source of potential recognition. It will encourage them to stay in the sport and continue to compete and grow as athletes. The emphasis is on making this fun, rather than competitive.
Skaters in the juvenile, intermediate, and novice levels (singles, dance, and pairs) will accrue points based on their placements at non-qualifying competitions that are part of the FCS. Each section will have its own FCS. At the end of the FCS season, each skater who has competed in at least three FCS competitions in the same discipline and level will be eligible for tallying of their points. The skater's best placements will be used to calculate their point total. The top point receivers in each section in each disci

pline and level will be awarded special FCS medals. Gold, silver, bronze, and pewter FCS medals will be awarded for each discipline/level in each section. While the point system is designed to minimize ties, the Program Development Committee anticipates that there will be skaters who have the same point tally. In such cases, multiple medals will be awarded. In addition to FCS medals, those skaters who receive the top points in each discipline in each section will have their names noted in SKATING Magazine and on the USFS website.
Here are the events that will be offered this year as part of the FCS, in addition to the events that will be listed in the May Day Open announcement:

  • Juvenile, intermediate, and novice singles free skating events (no short program events). In competitions in which short program and free skating are combined, the place

ment for the free skating alone will be used. In competitions in which there is a final round, the placements from the initial round will be used.

  • Juvenile, intermediate, and novice pairs free skating events.
  • Juvenile, intermediate, and novice dance events. Because competitions may vary in the dance events they offer, the actual events that will be eligible for the accrual of FCS points will be decided on a competition-by-competition basis and will be noted in the competition's announcement.

Watch the GFSC web site for more information about this year's May Day Open , which will take place May 12-14, 2006 at the Gardens Ice House.

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