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The Gardens Figure Skating Club Newsletter











Tests Passed--Congratulations!!









Congratulations to the following Gardens FSC skaters who passed tests reported to USFS in May-June, 2005:
Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field:
Elana Chon, Kyia Futrell
Preliminary Moves in the Field:
Philip Chu, Joan Chu, India Vieira
Pre-Juvenile Moves in the Field:
Robert Korycinski, Katherine Lingan
Intermediate Moves in the Field:
Jessica Rohrer









Pre-Preliminary Free Skating:
Philip Chu, Joan Chu, Megan Morat
Preliminary Free Skating:
Megan Orth
Pre-Juvenile Free Skating:
Sayeda Esmaell-Crozier, Brittany Ward
Preliminary Dance:
Jacob Brody






















Mark Your Calendar--South Atlantic Send-Off and May Day!









On Saturday, October 15, 2005, the Gardens FSC will hold a send-off   exhibition for skaters competing in the 2006 South Atlantic Regional Competition in Tampa, FL.  The exhibition will be followed by an open house session--bring your skates! The festivities will begin during club ice time at 3:10 P.M.










The Gardens FSC is pleased to announce that the seventh annual May Day Open Competition will be held at the Gardens Ice House on May 12-14, 2006.

















GFSC Board Members, 2005--2006












Pro-Liaison:   Marny Woods
At Large: Jody Brody
  Donna Burrows
  Carol Daugherty
  Ilene Jones
  Abby Sandler
  Danielle Steele











Here is an updated list of  GFSC Board Members for the 2005--2006 season:
President:   Ted Kelton
Vice-President/Test Chair: Sharon Raver
Secretary:   Sue Elseth
Treasurer:   Cathy Lee
Membership:   April North












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