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New Judging System
Dear Skater:
This email serves as an update on the implementation of the new judging system (IJS). An integral part of implementation will be online registration of each athlete's planned program elements, a feature of the new online competitorís profile.
Beginning July 15, the electronic planned program elements sheet will be available online at You will find the registration instructions under your competitorís profile. Your password will be required in order to gain access. If you have not registered for a profile and/or received your password, do it now at

This year we will only be using the Novice through Senior planned program elements as the IJS will be used starting at the sectional level in singles, pairs, dance and synchro. However, the software is available for all to try out and we strongly encourage all skaters juvenile and up to experiment with the registration process. It is important to note that you can log on anytime and change or replace elements as often as you wish.

Beginning next year registration of all planned elements will be mandatory online for our qualifying competition structure. We are hopeful that the online competition entry registration process will approach 100% usage as well.
So starting July 15, get online and try it out. If you do not have Internet access, there are many resources out there in which you can take advantage of. Use your school, library, coach, rink, relative, neighbor, friend, or skating club as a means to get online and learn about the new online process, your competitor profile, and registration.

As an athlete, you are strongly encouraged to use the online software to register your planned program elements and to register for the upcoming qualifying season. For Novice, Junior and Senior level skaters online registration of planned program elements is necessary this year. We have reached a historic time in our sport.

Embracing this change is extremely important, and I know you will as it ultimately benefits our athletes by scoring their performances in a more accurate manner.

Larry Kriwanek,
Chair, Competitions Committee