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                                                  May Day Open
Elizabeth Hill Sperling Memorial Trophy
Elizabeth Hill Sperling
Memorial Trophy

Trophy Winners

    2001: Melanie Drogseth          The Skating Club of Boston
    2002: Megan Raver              Columbia Figure Skating Club
    2003: McKenzie Jackson          SC of North Carolina
    2004: Amanda Olimpio              Washington Figure Skating Club
    2005: Samantha Veloso        Washington FSC

   Each year The Gardens Figure Skating Club presents a trophy to the winner of the Juvenile Girl's event in the May Day Open. The trophy, which will be awarded annually, is named in memory of our friend, Elizabeth Hill Sperling. Elizabeth was a rare person who made each of us better, nicer people simply by being around us, and she made each of us poorer and sadder by leaving.

     The Elizabeth Hill Sperling Memorial was established by EJ and Elisa Pipkin. The trophy will be presented by her daughter, Lindsay Sperling, who competed at the Juvenile level in the 2000 May Day Open, when Elizabeth was last here to see her skate.

     We would like to extend a personal thank you to the Pipkin and Sperling families for their generosity.