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Tests Passed
Tests Passed
On behalf of the Gardens FSC of MD we would like to CONGRATULATE the following skaters who have passed a
US Figure Skating test:

If you have tested at another club, please contact me so I can update our records. If you have passed a test after January 1,2004 and you are not  listed, please email me at" so we can acknowledge your achievements.

May 2005
Kyia Futrell - Preliminary Moves, Pre-Preliminary Freestyle

April 2005
Columbia FSC

Alex North - Senior Moves

March 25, 2005
Kyia Futrell - Pre-Preliminary Moves
Elana Chon - Pre-Preliminary Moves

February 19, 2005
Hudson Mohawk FSC
Sayeda Esmael-Crozier - Pre-Juvenile Moves
Heather Collick - Intermediate Moves
Rachel Jones - Intermediate Moves
Jake Brody - Senior Moves, Novice Freestyle
Cary Russell - Senior Freestyle

December 2004
The Gardens FSC
Jennifer Lee - Pre-Preliminary Freestyle
Sara Fan - Pre-Preliminary Freestyle
Heather Collick - Juvenile Moves
Eric Lu - Intermediate Moves

October 29, 2004
Columbia FSC
Heather Collick - Preliminary FS, Pre-Juvenile Moves
Jennifer Lee - Pre-Juvenile Moves
Julie Ward - Pre Bronze FS
Melanie Moon- Pre-Juvenile FS
Guinevieve Imperial - Preliminary Moves

January 14, 2004
The Gardens FSC of MD

Tony Valentin - Pre-Preliminary Moves
Evlembie Kiotsekoglou - Pre-Preliminary Moves
Robert Korycinski - Pre-Preliminary Moves
Jennifer Lee - Pre-Preliminary Moves
Eric Lu - Pre-Preliminary Moves
Katherine Lingan - Preliminary Moves
Sayeda Esmaell-Crozier - Preliminary Moves
Danielle Cunningham - Preliminary Moves
Sayeda Esmaell- Crozier - Pre-Preliminary FS
Eric Lu - Pre-Preliminary FS
Rachel Jones - Preliminary FS
Jennifer Wishnow - Adult Bronze FS

February 6, 2004
Columbia FSC

Kelly McLin - Novice Moves
Zima Rose - Novice Moves

February 13, 2004
The Gardens FSC of MD

Laura Burrows - Intermediate FS
Colleen Menke - Senior FS
Kristin McCawley - Pre-Preliminary Moves
Alexis King - Pre-Preliminary Moves
Nicole Kelley - Pre-Preliminary Moves
Grace Cho - Preliminary Moves
Zachary Lanciano - Preliminary Moves, Preliminary FS
Carley Milligan - Preliminary Moves
Adama Aja - Preliminary Moves, Preliminary FS
Sayeda Esmaell-Crozier - Preliminary FS

February 13, 2004
Columbia FSC

Victoria Smoter - Pre-Preliminary Moves
Guinevieve Imperial - Pre-Preliminary Moves

March 17, 2004
Bowie FSC
Carolyn Russell - Quickstep

March 26, 2004
The Gardens FSC of MD

Megan Morat - Pre-Preliminary Moves
Aunna Stoll - Preliminary Moves
Sam Jones - Pre-Juvenile Moves
Alexis King - Pre-Preliminary FS

May 27, 2004
Winterhurst FSC

Rachel Jones - Pre-Juvenile Moves, Pre-Juvenile FS

June 4, 2004
Columbia FSC

Eric Lu - Preliminary FS
Jennifer Lee - Preliminary Moves
Katie Matz - Novice Moves, Intermediate FS

July 23, 2004
The Gardens FSC of MD

Eric Lu - Pre-Juvenile Moves
Suzanne Himmerich - Juvenile Moves
Laura Burrows - Novice Moves
Christie Colclough - Preliminary Moves
Katherine Lingan - Pre-Preliminary FS
Christie Colclough - Preliminary FS
Eric Lu - Pre-Juvenile FS
Suzanne Himmerich - Juvenile FS
August 20, 2004
The Gardens FSC of MD

Irene Lu - Pre-Preliminary Moves
Robert Korycinski - Preliminary Moves
Steven Mulchi - Preliminary Moves
Amelia Zhao - Preliminary Moves
Abraham Zhao - Preliminary Moves
Nancy Strough - Willow Waltz
Katherine Lingan - Pre-Juvenile Moves
Megan Orth - Juvenile moves
Eric Lu - Juvenile Moves
Amanda Weist - Preliminary Dance
Amanda Weist - Pre-Bronze Dance
Abraham Zhao - Pre-Preliminary FS
Katherine Lingan - Preliminary FS
Pammie Smith - Intermediate Freestyle
Amanda Weist - Junior Freestyle

November 11, 2004
Bowie FSC
Cary Russell - Argentine Tango