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The Gardens Figure Skating Club Ask Pol

The purpose of this forum is to provide information to skaters and their parents about the sport of figure skating.
Articles include information which, while common knowledge among experienced figure skating families, tend to be new and mystifying to those who are new to the sport.
You may also ask questions of Pol R. Bar (skating Parent) Polly Bar (Skater) or Penny Quin (Coach)
If we don't know the answer we will make every effort to find the answer for you.
Suggestions and comments are welcome.
If you believe that any material here is incomplete or incorrect please let us know.
Also if you are willing to provide information or contribute in anyway we would be glad to accept the help.
Disclaimer: Opinions expressed on this page do not necessary reflect the views of the Gardens Figures Skating Club, it's members or any other reasonable person. Since I am of genus species: Polarbearus Fictictious, you should consider my credibility to be somewhere between that of Garfield the Cat and Yogi Bear. Like wise any links to commercial sites are purely for informational purposes and do not imply any endorsement of any kind. It should also be noted that, even though, as a Polar Bear, I grew up with snow and ice, I tended to consider these as facts of life, and not recreational opportunities, until my daughter Polly expressed an interest in Ice skating.
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  • Help Pol find a cure for Cancer
    This is not a joke.